Want to Reach Oprah-status with Your Tribe? Get Clear on Your Message

What is the point of all your communications to your audience? Why do you send emails to your list, post to Instagram, and hang out in Facebook groups? If you think it’s to market yourself, to serve as a tool to be visible, or something along those lines, then that could be the reason you feel stuck. Those answers are true, but it goes one layer higher. The point of all your written communications is to forward your message.

LEGAL FAQ: What do I need and When do I need it?

When starting an online coaching business, there are usually a fair amount of overhead costs – you may choose to hire a coach, purchase your domain name, set up your website, purchase several online tools such as email automation, sales page creation programs, etc. All of these investments are usually geared toward one thing in the beginning: generating revenue!

At first, when people think about what they need as far as legal documents, or properly setting up their business, it tends to slip further and further down on the “to-do” list. While these are not necessarily “revenue generating” activities or expenses, right? They can be a potential revenue (and business) saving expense, because you are protecting yourself and your business from dealing with expensive and stressful legal woes down the road.

Managing an Expanding Team

Your team is officially expanding! Not only is it exciting, it means the business is growing & you’re doing well. Congratulations! Celebrate when the team expands - make sure everyone knows this is a good thing for your team & your business. Collaboration is key to ensuring you all work successfully together. Whether your team is sitting together in an office or you're a virtual team based in different parts of the world, these tips can help you manage your expanding team.

Let’s Get Legal

Starting out as an online coach or entrepreneur in general can be overwhelming at first – or at least it was for me! There can be many things on the ole’ “TO-DO” list, including learning about Facebook Ads, building a website, building your email list, and working on building your first course! 

How (and Why) to Be Your Most Authentic Self

There’s a lot of stuff out there.  A lot of stuff that tells you that you need to be something that you are not.  A lot of stuff that tells you that something is missing from the wholeness that is your body.  A lot of stuff that tells you that somewhere in the process of your creation there was a mistake.  

Separating Self Worth From Achievement

There came this point in my business where I wasn't feeling driven by spending a week in the Maldives on the beach anymore. The idea of having my feet in the crystal clear water while sitting on the dock of my private villa didn't make me want to work harder or put in more hours.